Self Care: How to Make Time for Fitness

How Sway? We all live busy lives and do a bunch of stuff but we all have the same 24 hours; how you choose to use yours is absolutely up to you. If fitness and getting in shape is something you want to achieve, then you have to figure out what part of the 24 hours you will dedicate to doing just that.

My biggest piece of advice is don’t workout solely for vanity because you’ll never stick to it. You’re probably like “what do you mean? Working out makes people look good…” which is true but if you’re only doing it to look good, your desire to do it won’t last. As a former athlete working out and being fit is in me, but now that I’m not required to work out on a regular basis, whenever I did workout it was simply with the purpose of looking good. If I do this many squats my butt might get bigger; if I do abs all day everyday then maybe my six pack will push through. Those were the times that I never stayed committed.

Now that I work out with a bigger purpose, that drives my decision to continue to work out. That drives me to put my workout clothes on right when I get home and get it done. I also have found it “easy” to make time because I’m not driving to a gym. Conveniently my neighborhood has a walking park, hills for days and I have workout equipment. I understand not wanting to drive anywhere else after you have commuted all day, but if you have a chance, take a walk, YouTube a workout video, dance, do something to get you active. If you work in an office all day where you are sitting ALL day, it is so crucial that you at least walk for 30 minutes.

As a black woman and as someone who comes from a family with a history of diabetes, high blood pressure etc., my goal is to break the cycle, stay fit and healthy, raise future little fit and healthy babies and create a new tradition. If you still need some extra motivation the list below is a few extras that help me stay motivated and committed to my workout.

Cute/Fun workout clothes

Cute/Fun workout shoes

A dope playlist that gets you fired up

Dope headphones

Results of said fitness goal(s)

Try something you have always wanted to (i.e, boxing, spin class, hip hop dance class)

Treat yourself to a fancy juice or fancy water

Get yourself a workout partner

Don’t wait a day longer, you got this. Make time for your health and your body because you only get one and you want it to last as long as possible. Start slow and work your way up. This is your push to start before the new year so that way you aren’t doing it only for the new year.

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