Events: Single Black Female

Single Black Female. What does that term mean to you? Prior to me going to this event my thoughts on the term Single Black Female were negative. I feel like society has made it out to be a negative and unfortunately that has been digested and spit out via a number of movies and reality TV shows. I did feel, prior to attending this event, that there could be a positive spin put on it and I feel like the #BlackGirlMagic movement was and has been the beginning of the re-invention of what it means to be a Single Black Female.

That said, I had an open mind when it came to the event, aside from the fact that I knew the amazing host and I knew one of the panelist, I was definitely curious to see what everyone had to say about it or what their thoughts were on it. The event overall was great. It’s always so dope to be in a room with women who look like you, who are creating dope brands and businesses, who are new to the city, who up and left their comfort zone for new opportunities that is so inspiring. While yes “publicly” we are misrepresented or not represented at all, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole community of us doing amazing things to change the environment and world we live in. Let me get to the event side of things.

I’m early to a lot of things; I actually like being early because I get to take pictures in an empty space, edit, just basically do a little work prior to so that way I can be fully tapped in when we get started. The space was open floor plan loft style with amazing natural light. It was in DTLA (where most of these glam spaces are) and it was perfect for exactly what we needed. The words that I would use to describe the space was fresh, minimalist and feminine.

After a moment of mingling, we started to pack goodie bags with feminine products for homeless women. We were just under 200 (this time) but we definitely packed enough to bless over 140 women. I literally could not imagine not having the supplies I need during that time of the month; it is already a lot to deal with but to not have access to basic supplies that we NEED is truly something that made this part of the event special.

Following that we celebrated our efforts with sparkling wine, sparkling water and an array of delicious snacks and goodies to nibble on. We sat in the lounge area, got to know each other, ate, drank, laughed, just shared what we each had going on, shared some things we struggled with and got to know each other. From there we headed straight into the panel which was nice because instead of all of the women sitting together and sharing, each had their own time and shared something different that came together nicely overall.

I love going to events that spark change and spark an awakening in self and as a result in others. If I hadn’t gone to this event I would have continued to see Single Black Female as a negative instead of the positive it really is. Working on eliminating toxic thoughts and ideas is something that I’m working hard on because our thoughts and what we believe and let settle into our minds is what comes out. Events like these help make that happen.

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