Food: Sandbox Melrose

I recently visited Sandbox on Melrose (formerly Bungalow) for a bridal shower and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Upon arrival I immediately got beach vibes; it reminded me of Busby’s West (if you haven’t been look it up).

The floor is unfinished, there are vintage couches, chairs and high chairs for the tall tables. They have skee-ball and air hockey and other games that I actually didn’t take the time to investigate. We weren’t there to play games and now that I think about it no one that was there played games either, but the option is nice.

Upon arrival our server was immediately tending to us, she was great and ready to help us with whatever we needed. She immediately let us know she could do separate checks as long as she could hold a card on file. For starters I’m glad she brought it up first, even if it was to tell us to that she couldn’t do it; it is nice when the establishment does their part to help their guests especially when it is a large party. The card wasn’t charged it just made it easier for her to keep up with who ordered what. Totally didn’t bother me at all.

It wasn’t crowded, I’m not sure if it gets crowded. We were there on a Saturday between 1 – 5 pm; there was a flow of people coming and going but maybe they’re more alive at night? It’s Melrose so things usually pick up in the evenings.

As far as good goes there is one brunch menu with a select number of items. I appreciate the variety that was offered; everything from waffles to huevos rancheros, goat cheese pizza, wings and sandwiches, the menu was pretty solid. Everyone ordered something different, I personally ordered the huevos rancheros. I had a feeling it would be super good and I like to eat something filling when I brunch; nothing is worst then brunching and being hungry still…maybe that only happens to me. All of that said my food was absolutely delicious. The flavor was great, it was cooked well, I do realize I wasn’t asked how I wanted my eggs, I am happy they were scrambled. Really no complaints.

As far as the drinks, they have your typical brunch cocktails. Most of us ordered mimosas, they have a full bar, soft drinks, everything except ICED TEA. I have never been to a place, a sit down restaurant, that doesn’t serve iced tea. Is that so weird? I didn’t want tea but to find out they didn’t have any was pretty wild to me. As far the mimosas go, they were $16 bottomless; I’ve paid that before but because they serve them in short tumbler glasses the bubbles don’t stay together making for a flat mimosa. She was great with her service and filling us up on the regular but for $16 I was a little unimpressed.

Lastly my only “issue” while there, was the fact that the bathroom was upstairs. Not because I’m not able to get up there but all I could think about was ADA compliance. Like if someone came in there in a wheel chair is there an elevator? I didn’t see an elevator and everyone that was downstairs had to come upstairs for the restroom so that was my one issue. Other than that I had a good time, it was a cool spot; I would recommend it.

Sandbox Melrose

Location: Melrose (Only Location)

Price: $-$$

Ambiance: 4 out of 5

Parking: 5 out of 5 (I always park in the neighborhood, it’s at least 2 hours free)

Food: 5 out of 5

Drinks: 4 out of 5

Service: 5 out of 5

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